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Left-over policy (NO EXCEPTIONS)

Lead Apron Catering does not leave left-overs. In accordance with the Dept. of Health official recommendations requiring that food remaining within temperature danger zones for extended amounts of time may not be released to you or your guests. Lead Apron Catering does not send any food items home with guests in any form. We enforce this policy to minimize the risk of food borne illness due to improper handling or storage of leftover food items. We appreciate your cooperation. For all drop off catered events, acceptance of the order by the customer releases Lead Apron Catering from all claims and liability of food borne illness at anytime following the point and time of delivery. Lead Apron Catering recommends that you never re-serve any food item that has not been completely used during the time it was intended. Lead Apron Catering prepares an abundant amount of food to ensure that your last guest receives the same quantity and quality as your first guest. Upon Request a "Honeymoon" box can be prepared for the Bride and Groom to eat after the wedding incase they were unable to eat during the event and this would fall under the category of drop off catering.

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